Attorney Profile

Mr. Oswald has been practicing law in Texas for over 25 years. He has extensive experience handling cases involving Civil Litigation, including Commercial, Consumer and Divorce cases. If find yourself in need of legal assistance or you just have some legal questions, Mr. Oswald can help you in your time of need. Lawsuits and legal problems can feel overwhelming and encompass a great deal of your time. If you are unable to handle your legal matters by yourself, Mr. Oswald can advocate for you to help you achieve a fair result.

If you are currently married and you are contemplating filing for divorce or your have recently been served with a divorce, Mr. Oswald can assist you. Divorce raises serious questions concerning the custody of your children, visitation schedules, payment of child support and the division of your community property.

If you prefer not to handle your legal matter alone, please give us a call. Lawsuits can be complicated, time-consuming and emotionally taxing on the parties involved. Know your rights and get the legal advice you need to protect yourself.